Finders Seekers Behind The Scenes of Our Ireland Box

Behind the scenes of our Ireland box

As a Seeker you’re probably used to me, Lucy, taking you on a journey through your mystery boxes every month. But today I want to talk a little bit about our founder and how he and his support team have made Finders Seekers what it is today! Without all of their help, we wouldn’t be able to have you enjoy such great mysteries every month and come up with new locations and finds every year just for you!

Cliffs of Moher

Our Founder, Cody, is passionate about puzzles, traveling, history, and most importantly, serving the community of Seekers. If there is one thing we see from behind the scenes, it’s his passion to make things right with every customer but also try new and exciting puzzles that you all are wanting to see in our games!

One fact you may not know is that every city we have traveled to in a box/game, Cody has explored. All the pictures are taken by him and the puzzles are created by him and his team. He also loves using ideas from current Seekers.

If you’re in our Finders Seekers User Group you know we like to ask you questions about your favorite boxes as well as see where you’d like a game to be based in next. When we asked this question recently, Ireland was the #1 voted spot.

So Cody and his wife Jennie decided since Ireland was on their bucket list, and all of you were interested in a box revolving around Ireland, that it would be the perfect spot for their 20th anniversary!

They traveled to all of the locations and historical places represented in the game. And took every picture you enjoyed throughout it. I’ll try not to give too much away about the box if you haven’t played it yet! Because as you know I’m here to help you through the Find, not give you all the answers!

Brú na Bóinne

One of his favorite puzzles that he made in the game revolves around the Brú na Bóinne. Its location is filled with history, language, meaning and brought so much excitement to their trip and obviously to the game as well.

Something the Finders Seekers team focuses on is for each game to add value to everyone who plays it. Whether it’s learning a new historical fact, finding out about characteristics in different cultures, or immersing yourself into a game that not only challenges your smarts but allows you to have fun and enjoy a great time with those you love.


When it came to making the Ireland box he wanted to focus on what natives in Ireland said affected and changed their life. Many of them still remember the famine/wars that affected their families and he wanted to make sure to capture the truth behind the puzzles. In every game, he likes to add something that maybe will spark further desire to research the cities we travel to and find out more about the exciting places you get to play in. With December’s box, it had a lot of meaning behind it, but it was also Finders Seekers’ best selling box so far!

And now that you have a little background of how the Ireland box came to be, we wanted to thank you! Thank you all who’ve been loyal customers since we started this journey. We do our best to make our games those that you thoroughly enjoy and that can become a monthly game night you and your loved ones look forward to!

If you happened to stumble upon our first blog, we welcome you and would love to have you join the fun as a Seeker! Please head to our website below to buy your box today!

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