The Origins of Finders Seekers

Hi! I’m Lucy! You probably recognize my name if you’ve played one of our games. In this article, I will share a little bit about how we came to be and the creative minds that are behind every puzzle, mystery, and brain straining cipher you see within our Finders Seekers Mystery boxes.

We thought it’d be a great idea for me to write about how we began this unique business. And decode how it is becoming a household game you and other families/couples around the world, love to play.

Our journey began when our founder, Cody, was traveling a lot for his previous job. It was after a long and discouraging business trip that he sat on an airplane wondering how he could combine all of his passions–travel, culture, history, mystery and design–and create a business of his own. Finders Seekers was conceived there on the tarmac as the plane was taking off and he refined the business model during the rest of the flight.

When Cody arrived home, he had a quick meal at a Chinese restaurant. Prophetically, his fortune cookie read, “An unusual idea will lead to your success.” He has kept this fortune all this time as a reminder of that day and it is currently framed and displayed in his office. This fortune has even made its way into one of the San Francisco box puzzles.

Founding members of Finders Seekers: Nikki, Cody, Kaitlyn and Troy

At first, Cody was just looking for a creative outlet and hobby for him and his friends who were bored with their corporate healthcare financial jobs. But today, Cody and his wife Jennie work full time managing the business to support their family.

Not only has Finders Seekers grown, but it has impacted Seekers’ lives in ways we never imagined. We’ve had testimonials from Seekers who have read or learned about something they never knew happened in history and even in the cities they live in. One of our favorite stories is of a Seeker who reached out in appreciation for the Washington DC box. For the first time in her life, the Seeker had read the entire ‘I Have a Dream’ speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. as part of one of the puzzles. It had really touched her and inspired hope and compassion.

We love these stories of encouragement! With every new box, we focus on the history, culture and ‘feel’ of a city. Whether it’s Ireland’s struggles and what their people have endured for hundreds of years or the human rights movements around the world, we strive to provide you not only with fun, but also with tidbits of true history that keep you learning and inspire you to travel to these cities yourself.

Each box we make is researched, designed, and created by our team! (As well as some of you reading this.) The ideas, stories, and puzzles are all created in-house and made uniquely to setup challenging and different mysteries every time you play.

Finders Seekers is turning 3 years old in May! Not only are we rated one of the best boxes from Cratejoy, but we have had the opportunity to get to know our Seekers and grow to meet new ones every day.

Our story of beginning reminds us a lot about the mystery all of our boxes hold. No matter the puzzle, everything we encounter in life proves that there is something more we need to be looking at!

Thank you all for continuing to take this great journey with us! Don’t miss our latest escape room in a box adventure! Order at 👉🏼

Our very first box that shipped out to Nicole B. in Bettendorf, IA.

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